Removing old florescent fixtures, and drywalling? Help!

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Removing old florescent fixtures, and drywalling? Help!

Hello, love the forum so far!

We just bought our first home last year, and have tackled stuff left and right, but one thing I haven't touched yet is the awful florescent lighting.

The house was built in the 30's (If I remember correctly), and theres a few things that are stuck in the 80's still. Most of those things are gone/updated now, but were left with the terrible recessed florescent lighting.

The downstairs bathroom has one, kitchen has 2 side by side, and the master bedroom has one.

Master bedroom was easy, as its the drop ceiling (I think thats what its called, with the 2'x4' tiles). There was only one, located towards the front of the room, so when it was on (And mind you, sometimes we had to flip the switch 20 times before the ballasts would ignite), the lighting was just awkward and un-inviting.

I was at Lowes, and found some recessed fixtures for like $8, that required a 5" hole and the wiring, so that was very simple to do. So much better.

I am wanting todo the same thing, since the ceiling in both the kitchen and bathroom, is somewhat low, I dont want any flush mount fixtures.

The kitchen is pretty small, along with the bathroom, so in the bathroom, two of the lights will be going in, and im thinking 4 maybe 5 in the kitchen. Thats the easy part though, my problem is that I have never worked with drywall, at least doing the mudding and sanding and such. I hung drywall in my garage, but wasnt worried about the cracks, so I left it as-is.

Can anyone give me some helpful advice as to what would be involved? These fixtures are the 2' x 4' size, with 2 bulbs each. (Its a small fixture, only probably 6" wide, but a huge cutout for some reason. I know id have to add wood braces to mount the drywall too, but mudding and painting it to look smooth and match the rest os where I get nervous.

Thanks alot in advance!
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The joists that hold the drywall are 16" on center. How do you plan to fit a 2'x4' recessed fixture in there.
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Welcome to the forums.

I am wanting to do the same thing, since the ceiling in both the kitchen and bathroom, is somewhat low, I don't want any flush mount fixtures.
You mean you do want flush mount. Flush mount means built in. If you use surface mount you may hit them with your head.

pulpo.... they want to remove the 2x4 fixtures that are already in there.

In order to remove those fixtures you will need to remove the sheetrock from beam to beam. The red line illustrates the sheetrock you'd need to open up to access the mounting brackets for the old lights.

Removing the sheetrock from center of beam to center of beam allows a place for the replacement sheetrock to be fastened.

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