Light bulbs keep blowing out


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Light bulbs keep blowing out

Hello, I live in a 15 year old town house. I've lived here for about 9 years. Since we have lived here, we've noticed that our light bulbs have blown out fairly frequently, sometimes as often as a few months after being installed. About a week ago, I installed 2 Cree LED bulbs in our kitchen fixture and one has already blown out. What could be causing this?
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That kitchen fixture you are using is that by any chance a ceiling fan? If it is many bulbs really shouldn't be used in ceiling fans as the vibration can cause damage. You really need a bulb that is rated as fan safe to help prevent premature burn out. Even when they are rated fan safe though that doesn't mean it will last forever just a bit longer. Also the rating of a fixture matters if you put a 60 watt bulb in a fixture rated only for a 40 watt bulb then you risk premature burn out or even fire. There are other causes too that one of the electricians here know about better than I do.
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Are you sure it's burned out or just a defective socket ?
When it comes to bulbs and lamps.... heat kills.

Usually LED lamps run pretty cool. Possibly you received a defective lamp.

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Standard incandescent light bulbs have an average lifespan of 750 hours. If you are using 120 volt bulbs AND your voltage is a bit higher , say 122 to 125 volts, then the lifespan will be shortened considerably. You might want to look for 130 volt bulbs if you are still using straight incandescents.

Another help is to use dimmer switches that "ramp up/ramp down" when turning on and off or at the very least back down slightly from full brightness.
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We've been having the problems with incandescents, but now it has happened with an LED which is supposed to have a 25000 hour life span. It only lasted a week. I don't think it was a defective bulb as we've had problems with multiple bulbs in multiple spots. And no, no ceiling fan.
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What is your voltage under moderate load?
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