Add ceiling lights to room with none.....possible?

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Add ceiling lights to room with none.....possible?

Hey everyone,

About to buy a house and noticed that there are no ceiling lights in the master bedroom.

There is a bare fan attached to the ceiling with no lights on the fan.

I want to add around 4 pot lights to the room. I'll have access above from the attic and will install the lights rated for insulation.

My question is how hard will it be to do this project? I prefer not to call an electrician if I can avoid it. I have a basic understanding of electricity.

My idea is to go in the attic and put a junction box from the hot wire of the fan and attach the 4 pot lights from there. I believe the fan has a light switch attached to it.

My only issue is the. The fan can't be on without the lights on. Any ideas or help you can point me in.

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My only issue is the. The fan can't be on without the lights on.
Since you have easy access, you can run another wire along side the wire to the current switch & replace the single switch box with a double switch box. Then the lights & the fan can be controlled separately.

Another idea is forget the new lights & replace the fan with a unit that has both a fan & lights.
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If power comes in at the switch box you can run a new cable (not wire) from the switch box. If power comes in at the fan you can run your power from there. First step is to open the switch box and see how it is wired. Does it have two (or more) 2-conductor cables (black, white) with two blacks on the switch or does it have one two conductor cable with black and white wires on the switch.
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If I were you and were not a trained electrician I would spend the money and hire a licensed electrician for the couple of hours it should take to add the lights. It is a pretty involved job to do this right with or without cutting drywall. I have done this several times in older homes. You will need to remove the cover plate and switch from the box on the wall and find out which wire is the switch leg to the fan and which is the power coming into the box. Like mentioned below in older homes the power might have came into the fan box also and they could have done what we call drop switching from that box to the switch box in the wall. You will need to find out for sure if power comes into the switch box or the fan box. You will need to be able to safely use a meter to do this. If power comes into the switch box you can do what I have typed below. After you determine that turn off the breaker feeding power to the switch box and or fan. The single gang box that is there for the switch now will need to be replaced with a 2 gang box. Usually you can use a sawzall to cut the nails on the single gang box and remove the box from the wall with out damaging the sheet rock. You then need to find the top plate in the attic and drill a hole above where this switch box is located so you can drop a new wire down to the hole where the old single box was. Use the hole where the old box was located as a hand hole to fish the wire down. You will need a new 2 gang cut in box ( remodel box)to install where the old single gang box was located. If you can't fit a 2 gang box due to studs etc you can use a single gang box with what is called a doogle switch. The doogle switch is a double switch made for a single gang box. You need to staple the romex appropriately and as close to each opening as possible. You will also have to be able to make up the switch box after installing the new switch leg to the new lights. If you don't know what you are doing hire an electrician you can end up doing way more damage than good. This is the only way you can switch the fan separate from the lights. Other wise like already mentioned get a light kit for that ceiling fan and switch it with the fan and you will just have to use the pull chain on the fan to operate the fan and light separately

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