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Any suggestions for a kitchen exhaust fan if using an over-the-stove microwave?

Any suggestions for a kitchen exhaust fan if using an over-the-stove microwave?

Old 02-06-15, 05:41 PM
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Any suggestions for a kitchen exhaust fan if using an over-the-stove microwave?

We recently purchased this home, which has what I can only describe as a compact kitchen, with little to no room for big crowds. I am a kitchen guy so it really wasn't my favorite compromise but we ended up here either way.

Because of the open floor plan, and the kitchen placement, whenever something is grilled, fried, or burnt in the oven, the smell just saturates the entire floor and lingers for days. The microwave only recirculates air from the stove and although there is an option to flip the fan internally and exhaust the stove air out of the roof, it just doesn't move enough air to satisfy me, nor does it even catch much of the steam/gasses from either of the front 2 burners.

I would really like to see some sort of a solution either with a fan in the ceiling or elsewhere, that could be installed with the existing floor plan and really suck some of these smells out before they have a chance to permeate the rest of the house. And no, the stove is not on an external wall, so the wall vent theory won't work.

I've tried searching for pictures and what not, but never come up with much. I'm also not quite sure who I would call to tackle the job. I've heard people tell me HVAC would be involved, some said roofers needed to be contacted if exiting through the roof, etc... Wouldn't a general contractor be able to take care of all of this?


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Old 02-06-15, 06:45 PM
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Wow.... you really are in a pickle.
First thing I though was to convert the microwave which, of course, is not an option for you.

You can do it yourself.... you can have a handyman do it.

If you decide to go thru the roof.... I'd get a roofer to do the penetration and roof cap.

Some fan suggestions....

Or something in the Broan line....
High Capacity Fans - Bath and Ventilation Fans - Broan

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Old 02-07-15, 03:10 AM
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Pictures might help but google this and see if these would work.
kitchen hoods. Go to Angie's list you should find somebody to install it.
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Thanks, looks like Broan has some high flow rate options I like. Seems like most thing I see are in the 200-400 cfm range. These are showing up to 1000+ on some models. That may be one of my only options.

Yeah I guess I could have uploaded something. Ive looked up hoods before, just didn't find anything practical for our small kitchen without the removal of the Microwave, which creates a space issue having to relocate it somewhere on a counter. We suffer from what I call a "junked up" counter anyway.. Mainly my wife's mail and papers that serve no purpose. With a microwave on the counter where would my wife store all her junk? :-)

I know a roofer that could probably do the work up there, as for the fan install, I should be able to wing it. Thanks!
Old 02-11-15, 06:45 AM
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If I'm reading your question correctly - you have an over-the-range microwave that DOES have an exhaust option (out the roof), but it doesn't move enough air or pull from the front 2 burners. You would also like to avoid having a microwave on your counter.

If this is the case, I went through much the same experience in my last house. Most over-the-range microwaves are terrible at venting, even compared to cheaper range hoods.

Have you considered some of the newer microwaves that have the ability to 'extend' their venting over the front 2 burners, and also have a reasonable CFM count? I know LG makes several models that accomplish this. Seems like they work well, but you could research this more thoroughly if it is an option:

LG 2.0 Cu. Ft. OvertheRange Microwave StainlessStainless look LMH2016ST - Best Buy

They are expensive, but probably not much more than installing an exhaust vent into your ceiling (which might not even be that effective).
Old 02-11-15, 07:08 AM
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You've mentioned one solution already. Your microwave currently recirculates but can be configured to exhaust. The easiest option would be to run the ducting (no easy task) and connect it to your existing microwave vent. I would say it will be anemic but at least you would get some fumes extracted especially if you cooked problem items on the back burners.

There are industrial fume extraction systems that would work. They are often used when welding or soldering and have a effective filtration system. You could store it in a closet when not needed and only bring it out when blackening ahi. They are not attractive and the filters would not last long when dealing with oil smoke.

In the end I think you really need to decide what you want. A good vent hood can be very handy but they do take up space. I know my wife loves to clutter any horizontal surface so I'm sure you'd be in for an uphill battle to get counter space for a microwave but it should be considered and could be a good excuse to stop using the kitchen as a filing cabinet.
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I would contact some local HVAC contractors (V) for ventilation and get the job done right the first time,get a couple of opinions.
Old 02-11-15, 10:57 AM
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I did not look at the links, but a bathroom exhaust fan is not for use in a kitchen setting.

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