Wiring a photosensor switch for street lights

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Wiring a photosensor switch for street lights

I have a series of 8 streetlights that are turned off and on by a light switch located on one of the poles. I wanted to remove the switch and replace it with a light sensor switch. It will turn the lights on, but once on will not turn them off when the sensor is in daylight. If I remove the load line from the feed to the lights, the lights will go out and power drops from the load line. Once reattached the lights will remain off until the sensor is covered and the lights will turn on again, but if the sensor is again exposed to light they will not turn off. I tested the light sensor by using it only on the single light that is on the pole the on / off switch is on and it worked perfectly. It's rated at 15 amps and I'm only using 13 watt energy saver lights in the street lamps. Any help would be appreciated.
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Are these LED lamps? Does the photosensor have a neutral?
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Sensors that have a mechanical switching element (such as a bimetallic strip) should work on all kinds of lights. Sensors that have electronic switching may or may not work with LED or fluorescent lights. If the sensor is not compatible with the lights, its behavior can be completely unpredictable.

The typical streetlight sensor has three leads or terminals: for raw hot (line), switched hot (load), and neutral.

So far I would not know why it would work with one 13 watt light being controlled but not work with eight lights being controlled. Some home porch light sensors have just two leads and no neutral and I can see them working with eight lights or one incandescent light but not work with one LED light

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