Wiring bath light/vent/heat to triple switch

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Wiring bath light/vent/heat to triple switch

Working on a friends house. He played with it, so I'm fixing it. Bath originally has a triple switch single gang box. Three lines, one is the main feed, one is the vanity lights, the other is a 3 wire to the heated/lighted exhaust fan. The main feed is its own dedicated circuit 20amp breaker.

I'm assuming this is how the switch(s) go:

Grounds are tied and pigtailed to switch.
Neutrals are tied together.

Main hot feeds the switch (single hot connector)

Top Switch hot (black) to vanity lights - its own wire/circuit

Middle switch hot (black) to vent/light
Bottom switch hot (red) to heater coils in the unit

Ultimately what I would prefer would be top switch functioning both lights. Vent and heat on their own switches. But I'm not sure I could do that. The triple switch does have a clamp style connectors, so each switch can have two wires. But I don't know if the fan itself could do that. As I think its wired for the vent/light to be ran at the same time.

I don't know what he has done (if anything) to the vent unit itself as far as wiring. It was taken apart when I arrived, he's not available for questioning.

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I wouldn't try to redesign it. If the owner doesn't want to buy new fixtures or change the gang box to something that would hold 4 switches, then leave the light & the fan, on the same switch.
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Are you saying vanity lights on a different circuit? If they are NOT, connect that conductor with the light in the fan together with a pigtail and connect to light terminal on switch,connect the vent to vent terminal on the switch !and heat to heat terminal on the switch.
Unless I am missing something that should work.
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Personally I would choose to wire Heat/Light together rather than Vent/Light when combining and that's because there are some very quiet units with heat and I wouldn't want to go away and leave the heat on without a visual indicator.
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Good point on the heat being left on ,but I would think fan /light would be more often used, best plan for heat would be a timer,which is not an option at this point.
Just say'n!
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I don't want heat in the summer, but I do want light when it is dark. I would not combine the heat and light function together.
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Wow 5 replies and 67 views? This place is busy, I needa hang out here more often

I wired the switch

Vanity Light

Didn't finish though, forgot to bring wire nuts Oh, and as always, my Kleins.

Thanks fellas, I think more than anything I just needed to get my thoughts jotted down. To who asked, the vanity is not on a different circuit, I misspoke. Just its own wires, of course. And I too, think vent/light makes more sense than heat/light. If the coils are on, that fan should be on, you'd hear it.

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