120 volt walk way fixtures


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120 volt walk way fixtures

Hi All, I will be installing 7 walk way fixtures each mounted on a Bell box with 1/2" PVC stubbed up from underneath,I am looking for thoughts on the best way to anchor these pipes to keep the fixtures straight,I am thinking about pouring concrete around the pipes.
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1/2" PVC cannot support the light or box, it is also a code violation. Boxes may not be supported solely by conduit except ones listed for that purpose, or exceptions in 314.23. It should be attached to something more substantial like a 4x4, rigid pipe with a box support, or use one of these: Arlington | Gard-N-Postâ„¢ PVC will break at some point. I have seen it many times.

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I would rather that you use at least IMC for the stub-ups, RMC would be even better. If you must use PVC then go with schedule 80 as schedule 40 will shatter from a string trimmer under certain conditions.

Will this be a complete conduit job underground or will you be using UF? The concrete around the stub-up is a good idea if the boxes won't have any other support.

If it is a complete conduit job then the stub-ups should be threaded into a double hub box and the underground ends bent 90[SUP]o[/SUP] to fit the rest of the conduit. Schedule 40 PVC underground is fine. Having the stub-ups bent 180o from each other you could then add a piece of scrap IMC/RMC at 90[SUP]o[/SUP] (making a tee shape) and probably not need the concrete.
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I have since checked the RAB web site and they make a cap that will fix over 2 1/2" PVC it has a 1/2" threaded hub in the top designed to mount the 3 Tier lawn fixture,it's made of AL. I think I will be able to stub the 1/2" PVC's up into it and it is designed to make the splices up inside it.keeping the Hub flush with grade I think it should be fine, I will set the 2 1/2" in concrete.
Thanks Tolyn for the code article.

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