Bare bulb porcelan sockets

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Bare bulb porcelan sockets

A lot of homes have porcelan bulb sockets in closets and utility rooms and basements. They are turned on with a pull chain. Some city and village codes no longer allow these fixtures. what is on the market to replace these fixtures and allow turning on and off without adding switches?
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If the code has changed, it must be meant for new construction. They can't make everyone remove & replace existing lights. The only other light that doesn't require a wall switch is battery powered, AFAIK.
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You can install a pull chain into the box of a fluorescent strip if you want. That may satisfy whatever code issue there is. The main code issue with bare bulbs in closets is the distance they must be from combustible objects (clothing). If inadvertently broken, the bulb's hot filament can fall onto clothing and ignite them. With battery powered or fluorescent fixtures with covered bulbs that danger is averted.
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Leviton makes 13 watt crl closet lights, with and without a pull string, that attach directly to a standard box, so you can remove the old incandescent bulb holders and install these in their place in a matter of minutes. I found them at Ace Hardware, but have since seen them at the lumber yard and at least one of the electrical supply houses in my area. We had the standard bulb holders in all of our closets, and they were fine, house is over 40 years old so no code issue, and never had a problem as far as heat, but I was aware of the potential, and was going to install fluorescent fixtures until I stumbled onto these. Not that I would hang them in the dining room, but as attractive as you need for a closet, much nicer to look at than a bare bulb, 25% the energy use of a 60 watt incandescent, lower profile, and have never felt any heat from them. After changing the ones in the closets, I did the same in the attic and crawl space.
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This is 2011 NEC:


CHAPTER: 4 Equipment for General Use
ARTICLE: 410 Luminaires, Lampholders, and Lamps
SECTION: II. Luminaire Locations

410.16 Luminaires in Clothes Closets

(A) Luminaire Types Permitted

Only luminaires of the following types shall be permitted in a closet:

(1) Surface-mounted or recessed incandescent or LED luminaires with completely enclosed light sources

(2) Surface-mounted or recessed fluorescent luminaires

(3) Surface-mounted fluorescent or LED luminaires identified as suitable for installation within the closet storage space

According to 410.16(A)(3), LED lighting, a new technology with a very low heat source, is permitted in clothes closets if listed for closet use.
(B) Luminaire Types Not Permitted
Incandescent luminaires with open or partially enclosed lamps and pendant luminaires or lampholders shall not be permitted.

See the commentary following 410.16(C)(3).
(C) Location
The minimum clearance between luminaires installed in clothes closets and the nearest point of a closet storage space shall be as follows:

(1) 300 mm (12 in.) for surface-mounted incandescent or LED luminaires with a completely enclosed light source installed on the wall above the door or on the ceiling.

(2) 150 mm (6 in.) for surface-mounted fluorescent luminaires installed on the wall above the door or on the ceiling.

(3) 150 mm (6 in.) for recessed incandescent or LED luminaires with a completely enclosed light source installed in the wall or the ceiling.
The requirement of 410.16(C)(3) results from tests that have shown that a hot filament falling from a broken incandescent lamp can ignite combustible material below the luminaire in which the lamp is installed.

(4) 150 mm (6 in.) for recessed fluorescent luminaires installed in the wall or the ceiling.

(5) Surface-mounted fluorescent or LED luminaires shall be permitted to be installed within the closet storage space where identified for this use.

The requirements of 410.16(C) apply to incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting in the storage spaces of clothes closets in various kinds of occupancies. The requirements are intended to prevent hot lamps or parts of broken lamps from coming in contact with boxes, cartons, blankets, and the like, stored on shelves and with clothing hung in closets. The clearance measurement for each requirement in 410.16(C) is to the luminaire, not to the lamp itself. A luminaire in a clothes closet is not mandatory; if one is installed, however, the conditions for installation are as required by 410.16(C).

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