T12 fluorescent lighting question

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T12 fluorescent lighting question

I've been trouble shooting one of my fluorescent lights that went out in my basement, and i've narrowed it down to the tombstones, and when i try to find some to buy, it seems as though they dont make them for t12s anymore. Does anyone have a solution for this? I don't want to convert to t8 unless necessary
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I have come to find out at least here in the United States and probably in Canada too that they are phasing out t-12 fixtures and in particular the fluorescent tubes too. T-8 is really the only way to go right now unfortunately. They still make t-8 fluorescent tubes but I hear at least here in the United States that eventually even those tubes will be replaced with L.E.D. tubes and bulbs. L.E.D tubes are also brighter and according to studies should even last longer with a lower cost to your electric bill.

You can get two different types of L.E.D tube one with the ability to use your current ballast or one that requires no ballast at all. I went for the type that requires no ballast at all they are a bit pricey for the kit that I bought but the place I bought them at does have sales occasionally and by now I am sure they have competition. Here is a link to what I bought LED T8 4ft. 18watt CLEAR lens G13 base two lamp retrofit kit 5000K White White LED's . I have some in some of my basement fixtures and in my kitchen and they are very bright.

The nice thing about these tubes too is that the tube is made of plastic since these don't get hot so you can't easily break these if they fall a short distance. They claim these will last for around 25 years. I haven't converted all of my old fixtures but I plan on doing so eventually.
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T-12 and combo T-8-T-12 sockets are easy to find on line. Example: https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/53...8DERoCkD_w_wcB

If you decide to convert it can be cheaper than Hedges link, maybe cheaper than converting to T-8. See my thread: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/li...t-ballast.html
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Please pay attention to the wiring diagram for the tombstones and the ballasts. Some tombstones are internally shorted (one wire into the tombstone connects to both pins) other you may have to connect two wires and others may require a jumper wire. There are also differences in mounting styles with some being "push-in" while other slide in. Lastly, there are differences in how tall the tombstone is so make sure you have a matching set.

T8 and T12 fixtures can use the same tombstones so focus on wiring and mounting.

- Peter

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