1 big transformer?


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1 big transformer?

So I just finished buying another 4 little 220->12 60w transformers and I was thinking I have all these stupid recessed dichroic accent lights and rail of spotlights in the kitchen and they all run on 12v.

Wouldn't it more sense to have dedicated 12v circuit?

I have one for my electric door locks and controllers that is connected to two RV batteries. Could something similar work for lighting? I think that low voltage lights run on 12vac not 12vdc, is that an issue?
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I think that low voltage lights run on 12vac not 12vdc, is that an issue?
Yes, that is a big issue! Many low voltage lights will be AC volts, while LEDs will be DC volts. Then can not be intermixed.

The other issue is as transformers get larger, the price goes up a lot. It might be less expensive to use the smaller transformers.
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In addition to Tolyn's reply...... when you use 12v as your source voltage..... the wiring size starts getting larger quicker as there is a high voltage drop with low voltage.

If you had a common 12v transformer and you wanted to get power from it for the other side of the house you would need large gauge wiring depending on the load. You'd be wiring the house in #8 wiring to reduce the drop.
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Yep, that idea went about as quickly as it came. I just did the math, PJmax - you weren't kidding about wiring size getting larger quickly.

I have in my kitchen and breakfast room 20 50w low voltage bulbs. Thats 4.5 amps @ 220v or in other words 1mm2 wire would be fine. 1000w @ 12v on the other hand, I don't even know know where to buy wire that thick.

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