Outlets/appliances don't work in part of room

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Outlets/appliances don't work in part of room

We live in a house built in the 1920s. A homeowner re-wired the house a approximately 20 years ago. A few days ago, my wife called me at work and told me our microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, 1 of the 3 lights in the room, and 3 of the 6 outlets in the room don't have electricity. However, the refrigerator, electric stove, washer/dryer (in adjoining utility room), and other lights and outlets do work.

I've done everything I know to do to fix it: flipped breakers, reset GCFI's, unplugged everything in the house and tried the breaker and GCFI again. Unplugged the dishwasher and microwave and tried again. Strung an extension cord from an outlet that does work to plug in the microwave and the microwave powered up.

My wife thinks the dishwasher caused it. It happened when the dishwasher was mid-cycle so we have 1-2 inches of water sitting in it. The washer and dryer were both running at the same time, but they kept running and never lost electricity.

Any suggestions?? Please! I'm losing my mind
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Welcome to the forums.

You have a very busy and overloaded circuit there.

Receptacles in the kitchen should not be shared with appliances. Your dishwasher and disposer should be on their own 20A circuit. If it's a countertop microwave it can share with a countertop receptacle. A built in microwave should be on its own circuit.

Code stuff aside..... You need to find out exactly what is not working. You need to find out if anything is working on that same circuit. You will need to trace the circuit. If there is something on that same breaker still working then you need to start there.

Circuits originate at the panel. For the most part the circuits are setup in a daisy chain. It goes from receptacle to switch to receptacle, etc. If the breaker is ok..... checked with a voltmeter.... then you may have to pull apart every dead junction to find the problem.
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When I hear a DIY did the wiring first thing I think if they may have back stabbed the outlets instead of using the screws.
One loose or over heated connection is all it takes to loose power from that outlet on down the line.

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