Fan Causes Hum


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Fan Causes Hum

Mod Note: Separated from a thread about a first floor fan causing hum on a second floor that the O/P never returned to so it just died unresolved.

I did not ask the question, but do have the same problem. Nothing is loose. I used a metal 4"junction box, and had to make out of wood, a bracket to place between the joists. I was not able to screw in one end of the wooden bracket, but the bracket is seriously jammed into place. The screws that I could not reach probably poke into the joist. The end I was able to screw into the joist, is also supporting the metal junction box, as it is screwed into the same joist. The metal junction box is also screwed into the the wood bracket.

Nothing is loose.

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I used a metal 4"junction box
But was it fan rated? If it used 8-32 fixture screws and just thin mounting ears it wasn't.

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and had to make out of wood, a bracket to place between the joists. I was not able to screw in one end of the wooden bracket,
You should have use an old work fan rated box and hanger if you had trouble securing the brace.

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Red face Humming Fan

Yes, I am sorry I did not specify that I used a fan rated junction box. I did try to use the brace described and shown. The problem with the brace (bracket) is that it is too BIG! The space between joists is 11" and the smallest brace/bracket I have been able to find is 12"!

I know I am not an electrician, but I have put up at least 12 ceiling fans over the past 15 years. We've moved a lot. I have never had one hum!

Last night I took the fan down, and started over, in an unrelated incident I hurt myself today, and did not finish. My plan is to use just the fan rated box screwed in with three either 4 " to 5" screws. Between the joist and the box.

I am thinking about placing and leaving an approximately 3" x 2" piece of velcro tape. I usually use a smaller piece of velcro to hold the box in place while I get my pilot hole drilled and then start to screw in the first screw. Once that is done, I remove the velcro. This time I am going to leave it in place. Perhaps it will absorb some of the hum. I also have small package fiberglass insulation which I thought about putting above the junction box.

Are my ideas crazy, or will that possibly work? I am running out of ideas and my arms hurt from working over my head! This is my last try before I pay an electrician $100.00 to do what I have done successfully numerous times!

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Quite possibly nothing you do will help. It could be a noisy fan. I've changed them for customers before.
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Humming Fan
What is the brand fan you have? The hum is not related to the mounting. Ceiling fans commonly sold today are not the quality of those sold 30 to 35 years ago so maybe all you need to do is buy a different fan.
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I have also found over the years that a cheaper fan will hum more than a fan you spend more money for. So in this case price really does matter. I also agree that your mount is probably fine especially if it is fan rated and properly installed and it is not the cause of your hum. Years ago I used a cheaper fan in my bedroom and I couldn't stand the noise so I bought a more expensive fan and all was solved. I didn't get rid of the fan though I re-purposed it and put it in a room that is not a bedroom.

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