I'm afraid I'm in over my head.....


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I'm afraid I'm in over my head.....

I HAVE to replace my kitchen lighting fixture and CANNOT afford a professional, and I'm afraid that's what it's going to take......

My house is 80-100 years old, and remodeled numerous times before I bought it. Kitchen had an old florescent light fixture which I removed this morning. The ballast had gone bad and wasn't lighting very well. This is what I found underneath:
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Obviously, I need to cut the ceiling to expose the structure, find my anchor point, get a junction box and figure out where I'm going to attach it. What I'm afraid of is those wires. I've killed the power at the breaker box and the idiot that put the florescent fixture patched these wires with electrical tape and that was over 20 years ago. My husband and I bought a LED light fixture last year but he got sick before we were able to install it. My husband is now mentally disabled (bacterial meningitis) so now it's up to me to be Mr. Fix-it and I'm afraid of burning down the house from the old wiring
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Under the circumstances I'm more concerned about your safety. And since you're the care taker for your husband, I think tinkering with the house electrical system is a bad idea. If you can isolate the circuit for those wires and by using a VOM meter to check it and if you're comfortable with electricity then you can do it. But those are a lot of IF's. That wiring cable needs to be replaced, most likely from the main box. And as you did this you would more than likely find almost all the wiring to be of similar condition. Yes you need a professional.

Perhaps I'm wrong. The electrical pros like Ray will be along shortly to better advise you.
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Is that two cables...... two white wires and two black wires ?

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