Ceiling fan blades are rubbing light housing


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Ceiling fan blades are rubbing light housing

This is an older ceiling fan and I don't have the model.

Anyway, there are two identical ceiling fans in the condo I just purchased. I disassembled both of them to clean them. The first one went back together and works fine; the second is rubbing the light fixture housing above the fan blades.

It's rubbing in a few spots where the blades attach to the motor (they are tight and aligned properly). Upon visual inspection and comparison to the other fan, the light housing is sitting about 1/4 inch lower, and thus touching the fan blade connecting arms, than the properly working fan.

I for the life of me cannot see any way to adjust this housing. It's sitting tight in the lip where it connects to the top of the fan. It seems like it just needs to be pushed up the shaft a bit.

Any ideas?

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There are so many different fan/light combinations that without a make and model or a picture it would be hard for us to offer help.

Can you take a picture and post it for us ? http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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It's rubbing at that upper clear plastic housing.
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Please post a picture of the one that is okay so we can compare.
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Did it work okay before?

Did you accidentally swap parts between the two fans when re-assembling?

Did you put washers and nuts and bushings on various bolts and motor shafts in the wrong order? (I know you can mess uip toilet tanks and toilet bowls with parts in the wrong order so I would not be surprised if fans can be comparably messed up.)

Can you re-adjust the positions of parts and nuts on threaded rods and nipples to space out shells and housings better/

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It did work before I disassembled it and I did one fan at a time.

There doesn't seem to be anything that I can adjust. The housing is seated lower around the entire circumference of the fan.

The only thing I did that could have thrown something off was tilt the fan heavily from side to side when I was reattaching the blades, but I still see no where to adjust the height of the top housing.

There is a center nut just below the motor that I assume secures the motor to the shaft (I've never assembled a ceiling fan before). I'm going to take the blades off and try cranking on that.


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