High powered LEDS (COB vs 3W stars vs COB STRIP)

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High powered LEDS (COB vs 3W stars vs COB STRIP)

OK so i`m going to build some led lights for my Paludarium and maybe a few aquariums. I know the aquariums use blue and red leds to mix and match the temps but for the Paludarium that is not needed. 6000-7000K color temps are good enough, the brighter the light the better.
My question is what type of LED should I consider?
This is a 40W 80-COB LED Bar Light Module White 3600lm 6450K - White (DC 32~36V) (from DX.com) it costs 8 USD atm.
HZLED 18W 1890lm 6000K COB LED White Light Strip - (12~14V / 200 x 10mm) (from DX.com) costs 5.99
20W 6500K 1800lm White LED Emitter Copper Plate (DC 30~36V) (dx.com) 5.27
High Power LED 3W - any where at around dollar or two.

Which of these wold be the best to get? The last one is the least powerful and would require allot of them to be connected, but if someone would to blow off, you can exchange where as the COB`s you have to change the whole piece. You cant really mix and match the colors with COB`s (if i decide to make an aquarium Light fixture), but their light output is really good almost 100lm per 1W

Give me your thoughts on this, I`m sure this is something other people are interested as well.
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Read up on the requirements for whatever emitter you choose. Many have cooling requirements you also have to take into consideration.
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All of them have... I am an Engineer I`m fully aware that they have cooling requirements. Any way, thanks for stopping by.
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If you are not worried about efficiency as much as modification then the stars are the way to go.
They usually are only around 50lm/watt though.. At least the cheap ones. At $3 each you can get ones in the over 100lm/w range..

secondly mixing K temps you can get a more balanced output.. mixing low k i.e 3500 w/ high k 6500 you cover almost the whole spectrum. Unfortunately but not crucially white LED's are "short" in the cyan area..and violet (being blue based w/ phosphors)
most of the rest of the spectrum if you mix color temps is well covered..

now look is another problem. W/ a mix of say 1:1 3500/6500K your light will be noticelby warm in the yellow area..for general growing and visual appeal a 1:3 ratio 3500/6500k is more desirable..
Of course another advantage of the stars is you can then swap out some to improve the look if you so desire..THAT is from experience.

COB have many advantages but as you know, some drawbacks in flexibility..

addendum.. It is easier finding ps for series 3W than some of those big chips..
Using things like Meanwell LDD's for constant current (at like $7 each) and your own switching power supplies that you find/salvage/buy gives the 3w-ers even more flexibility..

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