Updating Curio Lights


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Updating Curio Lights

We have an older curio cabinet that is about 48" wide and 6' tall. It's mostly glass of course. It has a standard older style showcase single tube light at the top of the unit.
I was thinking of redoing the lights to something more modern but I am not sure what to use. I don't need the light level so high that it distracts from everything else in the room.
I was thinking about some LED (I guess they are) rope style lights mounted to the undersides of the glass shelves at each level but I was not sure how bright they would be.
Any suggestions?
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You must be aware of mirrors on the back,everything you mount will be reflected,I have used small low voltage recessed fixtures with narrow beam 20 watt narrow beam spot bulbs,the wifie likes the way they look.check on EBay for the fixtures,check this link out.
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I would suggest LED tape lights with a dimmer. Here's one source: Warm or Natural White LED Tape Lighting System - Lee Valley Tools

They have mounting channels, power supplies and dimmers to give a nice neat installation and allow you to set brightness however you like.
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Some good suggestions here. All the glass and mirrors do provide a lot of reflections. Sometimes the only place to light a an all glass cabinet is from the top.

You could post a picture of the cabinet here. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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No mirrors in this cabinet. I was thinking of using a strip tape type inside the wooden frame at the front sides and top of the cabinet.
But I was not sure how many lights I needed per ft. I know I can use a dimmer too if I get too many.
I just checked our local big box stores and they have virtually nothing of course.

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