Questions on dual floodlight holder


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Questions on dual floodlight holder

I want to replace an old flood light (one that does not have a motion sensor) with a new one (that also does not have a motion sensor). The existing floodlight was connected to two switches. Each switch ran one of the bulbs in the flood light. I removed the floodlight from the box on the outside of the house. All of the white wires were nutted together. A black wire and a red wire were coming from the house into the box. Each was connected to one of the black wires connected to the bulbs (black to black and black to red). I rewired exactly the same way with the new light and now only one of the flood lights will turn on. Nothing happens when you switch the other switch.
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Welcome to the forums.

We keep a problem contained in a single thread so as to eliminate confusion.

You have two switches feeding two floodlights. Red wire and black wire. When connected.... one works and one doesn't.

Did you try reversing the red and black wires on the fixtures ?
You need to determine if the problems is in the wiring coming to the lights or at the lights themselves.
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sorry about that...
I had planned on swapping the red and black wires into each other's nuts tomorrow. It was pitch black by 530 tonight (joys of winter) and I could barely get the box closed (couldn't see the screws) before my test (that failed). I thought that might be the culprit, but didn't know if you guys had run into this before.
I have done quite a bit of wiring (ran all of the outlets in a framed room, wired my own ceiling lights), but I am a novice for sure. Three-ways and red-wires always throw me for a loop.
I'll give your idea a try...

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