Light switch tripping circuit breaker


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Light switch tripping circuit breaker

We recently had a contractor remove a couple of light fixtures for us while they worked on some ceiling repair. They put back the light fixtures when they were done but now we have a problem.

On the wall, there are two light switches. One is a dimmer for the light fixture in the dining area. The other switch is a two way light switch that controls the lights in the kitchen area. The other switch is located in the dining room.

The kitchen light switch is fine and turns on and off just fine. The dining area light switch is a dimmer and now needs to always be in the "on" switch. Its one of those push and circular dial dimmers.

So we have to leave the power on for the dimmer switch and not touch it so that we can use the kitchen light switch. If you try to turn "off" the dimmer switch, the circuit breaker jumps, taking out the kitchen light as well.

Contractor came back to look at it and is blaming it on the faulty dimmer switch at first. Then later said something about some weird wiring. Whatever the case, it was working fine before he removed the light fixtures and put them back. He did also swap the light fixtures. So he placed the kitchen fixture in the dining room area when he put them back.

We suspect that he might have wired the fixtures back on incorrectly. Contractor insists that this would not be possible and that the circuit breaker would trip and light wouldn't even turn on. Or could certain light fixtures not work with a dimmer and causing the circuit to jump?
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We need to know all the wires and connections at the switches and lights.
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