outdoor garage lights not live, which path to power


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outdoor garage lights not live, which path to power

Seems the previous owners left some unfinished projects. Two sconces mounted to the garage outside with romex going into the garage loft. That's as far as they went. The garage has a a ceiling light but the switch is at the back of the house. I leave it on and put a motion sense adapter in the socket. Now there is always light when someone is in the garage. There is also a back door to the garage with a switch to control a bad rear light. I've determined it is a defective motion sensor on the rear light. SO back to the front lights. My options are:
1) to wire them to the switch for the front porch light but that means drilling into the side of the house, up the wall into an attic to cross a bedroom, then down a wall into another attic then over to the switch.
2) wire them to the ceiling light fixture but then I need motion sense on those or they will be always on.
3) Wire it to the back light switch. Same as #2 unless motion sense added to the front. Wiring would get tricky for me having 2 light circuits controlled by separate sensors going to one switch.
4) Wire the romex to a new junction box where it is spliced into a 3 wire extension cord which will be plugged into a remote receiver ($15) so we can turn the light on using a remote.
Any advise is appreciated - apt dweller for a few decades, this is my 1st home.
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I assume the romex going into the loft has no power, both ends free.

I would put the garage coach lights on a separate dusk to dawn sensor, installed in a single gang box under the eaves. The power to the sensor would need to be constant, the sensor acts as a switch.

If you like this option, some new 3 conductor cable would need to be ran. You can get advice here on that.
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I'd examine the ceiling light box in the garage to see if the power feed comes into that box before going to the switch. If it does, you can tap into that circuit ahead of the switch to get always on power.

Then I'd find a convenient place in the garage wall to mount another box for a switch to control the sconces. Shouldn't be a big deal to fish a line from that box up into the loft area to connect to the lights and power source.

Instead of a switch, I'd probably put in a timer that has auto sunrise/sunset correction so you get dusk to dawn. The timer will also have a manual switch so you can turn on and off at will.

If you want instead, you can install a light switch with remote capability.

Can the splicing into extension cord idea...not allowed for permanent wiring.

Good luck with your project.

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