Will LEDs ever catch up to incandescents in terms of compact light?

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Will LEDs ever catch up to incandescents in terms of compact light?

I have a specific architectural lighting effect I'm trying to create and have been looking into a whole variety of fixtures and light sources. I was kind of surprised to find that the best option still appears to be the century old tungsten filament.

Mainly because of simplicity and size. A R7s Base with bulb would fit in a 7" x 3" x 2" box, smaller than a typical CFL screw in. From that you can get 22,000 lumens. Instantly, in 360 degrees, with perfect color temperature. That is without ballasts, transformers or ignitors. From a bulb that costs $20.

LEDs have really taken off in terms of design in the last couple of years and I have no doubt that they'll continue to get better. In LM/w they blow incandescent bulbs out of the water but when it comes to multi directional LM/in3 they're nowhere close. Will they ever catch up?
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I don't think the specialty market can justify a low volume bulb, just would cost too much. But that is now. As for the future, technology is moving too fast to predict whether LEDs will survive as the best option. Saw an article where a new filament coating could make an incandescent lamp equal or better than the current energy efficient bulbs.

With the cost of energy down and potentially going lower, the motivation is almost gone. Add in a rooftop covered in solar panels and those people really don't care about efficiency. Confusing.

I spent a few years in manufacturing and to build an assembly line for a new product it requires planning for future needs. That has become difficult to do.

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There is one thing I never hear anything about and that is the magical ability of an incandescent bulb to change color when dimmed.
They can go from the bright white task lighting of a halogen bulb to a mood inspiring warm white for evening relaxation......all in one simple cheap bulb!
I have read that manufacturers are working on it but they need to use a color changing bulb to accomplish this........sounds expensive.
I also never hear any talk about the power savings when an incandescent is dimmed.
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Although the total power consumption goes down as the voltage to an incandescent lamp is reduced, the amount of visible light per watt (lumens per watt) also decreases as the voltage is reduced. In terms of energy efficiency, this is unfavorable.

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