Remodel to open concept - recessed lighting concerns, advice/info?

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Lightbulb Remodel to open concept - recessed lighting concerns, advice/info?

Afternoon all,
Planning an interior remodel and changing the ceiling to a tray type (see attached draft plan). There is a different footprint so in the larger section it will go from flat 8’ceiling > sloping up (highlighted yellow) > flat 10’ height. My questions are concerning the lighting which will be recessed, and I want to go will all dimmable LED.
1) What Kelvin would you all recommend for all of the recessed lighting?
2) Since this is one big open floor plan, I am planning on going with the same Kelvin throughout the entire space, any reason why I shouldn’t?
3) It would be best to get new construction lights since we are ripping everything to the framing, right?
4) What brand/type would you recommend, if any specific?
5) What about size of the cans?
6) Lastly, the plans call for 3 fans, but we’ll probably go with only two, I’m worried about getting the flashing effect with the lighting, what are the guidelines as far as how close the recessed light can be to a fan?

Aside from the lighting any MUST DO as for as electrical/switches/or receptacles?

Thank you in advance for any info!
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Hi nutshell. Can't answer all of your concerns but have a few comments.
All recessed lights should be AT and IC rated (Air Tight and Insulation Contact).

Your location may help with comments related to insulation around and above those lights.

With a vaulted (tray) ceiling the sloped area will present some insulation and ventilation concerns. Again, your climate area.

As for the Kelvin choice I purchased a few samples and tested them. I settled on 5,000K but many would not want that intensity and you need to see how they dim.

Last I purchased were Halo, but that is not a recommendation, just what was on the shelf.

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Aside from the lighting any MUST DO as for as electrical/switches/or receptacles?
A must do is check local requirements for smoke detectors. You want to know if they need to be hardwired or if they can be battery operated.
You also want to know how far a smoke detector must be away from a ceiling fan.
I can't give you the measurements because it may vary.
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I have gone through the trial and error of a life time with recessed lighting and have after spending way to much on a bunch of fixture (I've changed every fixtures at least once and some 3 times) and bulbs I've ended up on 3000k, 22 degree beam spread and cans with a significant recess and black non reflective baffles. It's nice because even fully illuminated you never quite catch the full glare when looking up.

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