Ceiling fan wiring issue

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Question Ceiling fan wiring issue

I'm trying to install a ceiling fan where a surface mounted wall switched light had been. The fan's assembled & hung with no issues but I can't get it to spin or light.

The ceiling box has 1 piece of Romex with white, black & bare copper. The switch I want to use is in a double box. One switch controlled the old ceiling light & will now work the new fan, the other switch controls the eve lights outside.

There are 3 pieces of Romex entering/leaving the box. I assume 1 is power, 1 goes to the old ceiling light & 1 to the eve lights.

Both switches are wired together. The black wire from the Romex that runs to the old ceiling light is in one pole of the switch & a short piece of red wire is in the other pole with the other end wire nutted to 1 of 2 groups of black wires in the back of the box.

All of the whites are wire nutted together in the back of the box.

I connected the ceiling wires to the fan motor & receiver per the fan instructions. When that produced no results I removed the switch plate & saw that the switches were wired together & now I'm stumped.

If I test for power on both poles of the soon to be fan switch I get no reading when the switch is in the on position. Only when the switch is off does the tester show power. The exact opposite occurs ar the ceiling box, switch on & it reads power, switch off & no power.

I'm sure i need an alternate hookup at the fan but don't want to just randomly try different connections.

The fan has green/yellow stripe, black, blue & white wires.
The receiver has yellow, blue, black & white wires.

I would appreciate any help!!!!
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At the switch the reading should be from switch screw or wire to the ground wire. You will get a 0 reading across the the switch screws when switch is on.
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No purpose is served by measuring power at the switch but Pugsi has given you a good explanation. The switch connections are correct. Power comes in on one cable and the hot is pigtailed to both switches.
The fan has green/yellow stripe
That is ground and it is connected to the other grounds. It can be ignored for purposes of discusion because it is safety only not for function.
The fan has.... black, blue & white wires.
Black=fan motor, blue=light, white is neutral and connected to all the other neutrals.
The receiver has yellow, blue, black & white wires.
  • Black goes to power from the switch.
  • Yellow to fan black.
  • Blue to Fan blue.
  • White to the other neutrals.

Note the old box was probably not fan rated. If it uses 8-32 fixture screws it isn't fan rated and must be replaced.

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Fan rated
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You also need to connect the fan wiring to the outputs of the receiver. The wall switch will need to remain on for the remote to work.

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