Getting Into LEDs

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Getting Into LEDs

Had to go pick up some more GU-10 50W Halogen mini-floods for the kitchen ceiling fixture which takes three of them. I bet I've put a dozen of them in that thing since installing it. They're bright but they get very hot - You can't touch the housing until they've cooled off for 15 minutes. Eventually, the heat melts the Halogen bulb and they fail. So, I saw some LED 50W GU-10s and decided to try them since it was only about $3 more for a 3-pack. WOW. It was like grabbing three little pieces of the sun and hanging them in there - I've never seen light like this. LEDs in my experience always have that 'cold blue' tint but these are simply like daylight. The package said 'Soft White' and I was actually thinking they would be dim and yellow - NOT. Now the housings are only warm to the touch and each unit burns only about 10W. LEDs apparently have come down to earth with pricing and with results like this there is no longer a reason to not use them. I'm expecting a major increase in service life too.
Almost forgot; If I had realized how bright they would be I may have bought the 35W instead. But, my wife and I are officially 'elderly' so the extra light is actually pretty nice. But it really is BRIGHT in there, no kidding. You don't walk in there in the middle of the night and throw that switch!
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Some LED's put off very nice light and are incredibly energy efficient.
It sounds like you are praising the bulbs, which is justified.
Let the company know you're happy, some companies still value feedback.
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My first two LEDs are supposed to arrive Thursday. I've been waiting for them to get brighter than 60 watt equivalents, these are 100 watt equivalents in daylight spectrum (5000 K).

We'll see shortly....
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I also started taking more interest in LED lights. At first it was a bit of learning about wattage and lumens and such but I am really happy I started trying them out. I really like the Phillips 23W Cool Whites for my tool and work room. They are the bigger coil type bulb. So bright and I love it. I put 4 smaller ones in my bathroom fixture and its great. It was really just trying them out. Also by purchasing them at the good old orange box store if I didnt like them or the color I was able to simply return and exchange them. With the decrease in prices of them and the energy saved they are definitely worth it in my opinion.

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