Recessed Lighting; Recommended Size and Spacing?


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Recessed Lighting; Recommended Size and Spacing?

I'm getting closer to adding recessed lighting into the basement as I progress in my finishing project, and have been reading different suggestions on sizing and spacing, and perhaps getting myself overly confused.

My finished basement area will end up in a L pattern, with the main long section approximately 24 x 12 feet. And the remaining part of that L shape will be about 16 x 12.

The basement ceiling is only 7 feet high, and I was planning to use 6 inch cans.

Now I read you should space your lighting either.

1. A 6 inch can is spaced 6 feet from each other, 4 inch can is 4 feet, etc.
2. you divide your ceiling height in half and use that. So a 7 foot ceiling would be about every 3 1/2 feet?

So for 6 inch recessed lighting on a 7 foot ceiling how far do you space them?

My original plan was to have 3 sections of lighting, with each section using 4 recessed lights. Thus, the main 24 x 12 section would have 8 six inch can lights. Is that enough? Or is 6 lights in each section better for a total of 18 overall? 12 in the main area and 6 in the smaller area?

I should note that each section already has 1 pull chain light there. The plan was to convert each pull chain into either 4 or 6 recessed lights along with a switch. And each of those existing pull chains are on different 15amp breakers.
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Moved to Lighting forum. .
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Thanks Ray for moving the post. I wasn't sure if posting in basement or lighting was the appropriate place.

Anyway, I also just came across this website which offers some basic measurement info. And from this, I would/should need approximately 16 lights for 24 x 12 room? But it does not let you set a Can size of 4" or 6" etc in the calculations.

How Many Recessed Lights? -

Free Recessed Lighting Calculator
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I would say eight cans for 24 x 12 is good. The six lights for the 16 x 12 sounds good also.

My home has a 24 x 12 room with only 4 cans and a ceiling fan off to one end, the light is a little soft but I'm happy with it.
If I wanted more illumination, I would do exactly what you want to do and add a few more.

You can also use the extra feed cable you have to add smaller accent lighting if you like.
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