Harbor Breeze Pawtucket fan

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Harbor Breeze Pawtucket fan

Hello, I appreciate any help offered. So I have a Pawtucket fan that doesn't seem to be working exactly as it should. The lights work, but when I turn on the fan there is an awful buzzing sound and it doesn't spin as fast as each setting should, or just very slow overall. I have a feeling this thing was wired correctly. It sounds like this was just installed before I moved in and that just slapped it together.

I've take the light fixture off and listed what wires are showing. I'll list them out.

Light fixture has:
white & Black

Control Box has:
Red & White

Fan Switch has:
Orange & Grey & White & Brown

From Fan has:
Red thin & Black & Grey & Brown & White thin & White thick & Blue

The manual is either horrible or this wiring is just silly, I don't know. Any ideas on how this should be wired? I don't mind it being linked to one switch and controlled with the remote, just as long as it works as it should. As it is now, for the light fixture, white is connected to white thick, and black is to blue. I would need to check again to see where everything is connected to exactly, but wanted to know how it "should" be connected in the first place.

Here's the URL to the fan

Thank you
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Welcome to the forums.

The installer is only concerned with the red, white and ground that connect at the ceiling.

All the rest of the wiring inside the fan should be connected by plugs.
Are you saying someone cut the plugs off those wires ?
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The only wires that have plugs are the ones that come from the light fixture which are the white and black, and the white and blue that connect to it. Everything else is non-plugged. See what I mean by the manual sucking? it's weird, all these extra wires.
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I agree with Pete, sounds like someone didn't want to follow the instructions when it was installed initially. You should only have 3 wire nut connections in the electrical box in the ceiling. White, black, and bare ground from the house wiring connected to white, red, and green respectively from the fan controller/receiver. If there are more wire nutted connections than that, someone cut the plugs. Without an actual schematic, no way to really know how anything else should be wired.

If you are renting, you shouldn't be messing with it anyway. Call the rental manager or owner. If you bought it used, welcome to buying a previously owned home. Take the fan down and go buy a new one. If it's a new home, call the builder.

The manual isn't hard to follow if you are putting in a new fan. Once it's been modified, you are pretty much on your own. I'd bet $100 that Harbor Breeze or Lowes won't be any help.

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