Boosting LED light strips


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Boosting LED light strips

Hi all,

I have LED light strips running along the crown moulding in my media room. The power supply comes in through the ceiling from the attic in one corner of the room, then, via a splitter, splits into 2 LED strips that run half the room each in matching "L" shapes. I'd say each strip is ~28ft. each. I got a higher amp power supply, but the lights are still dimming at the end.

I read about LED boosters. The catch is that I can't access the area above most of the room in the attic due to the furnace, water heater, and roof coming down sharply on the outside wall.

Is there anyway for me to boost the fading voltage if the power source is 15 ft. away? So I can't make another drop through the attic, and I don't want to hang a power supply pack (and extension cord) along the crown moulding.

I tried reading on the subject, but the explanations require a dictionary and knowing anagrams.

Thanks! Any help/advice is appreciated.
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The only way to keep long strips at the same brightness is to feed them at multiple locations.
The better LED's have larger copper traces and will stay more evenly lit at longer runs.

There's nothing I know of that you can insert into the string to make them brighter.
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There are things called "boosters" that add voltage in mid stream, but require wires and a power supply pack.
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Like PJ mentioned. It's easier and cheaper to just feed your strings at multiple points with power. Just run a wire from the power connection at one end to the middle or far end of the LED string. Just be mindful to maintain the proper polarity (+ and -). You can lay the wire next to the LED string so it's not visible. And since you are dealing with low voltage DC use a larger gauge wire than you might think to avoid voltage drop in the wire.

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