"Spooky" Ceiling Fixture


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Question "Spooky" Ceiling Fixture

The ceiling light fixture in my daughter's new home goes dim, then bright at odd intervals. I notice it most when the a/c kicks on. The light is an old chandelier with 8 bulbs. I replaced all with 40w bulbs. Within a few minutes, 3 of the bulbs burned out.

what is going on?
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Dim then bright.... brighter then normal or normal brightness ?

It's not uncommon to see lights dim when the A/C starts up.
Excessive dimming could be indicative of a problem.

Is this one fixture the only one to have issues ?
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Lights that dim or get bright when another load kicks in like an A/C unit can sometimes mean a lose wire (either neutral or hot) This lose connection is many times in the panel, meter socket, or even the connections coming from the power company.

With the light bulbs burning out that fast makes me think it is a loose neutral causing 240 volts to the fixture. You might want to call the power company's 24 hour service line and tell them you think have a loose neutral and need a truck sent to check their in coming lines. They will check them for free, not they will not check inside the house (unless they are nice).

You can check your inside panel yourself, just make sure to turn the power off at the main breaker. Also be aware that the incoming hots are always live!

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