Single light switch remodel...


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Single light switch remodel...

Hello all, this is my first post so it may be a little long. I want to make sure I am clear about what I'm trying to do. I currently have a ceiling fan with a light fixture on it which is ran by one switch in my living room. I am replacing the ceiling with another that does not have a light on it. I have also installed 4 led recessed lights all wired with 12/2 Romex. I want to add another switch to control the fan and lights separately. I have already bought the double gang box and know it is big enough for the amount of wire that will be going into it. I have not ran any wire from the lights to the switch yet. I am wondering how I go about wiring the switches. Here's the situation... Single gang box with one light switch, I have removed the switch and there is 4 different Romex wires in the box. All 12/2 and wired like they should be. I have bought a double gang box that is big enough for all the wiring after doing some research so I know I have a big enough box. Now, with all that Romex in there already and adding another one how do I go about wiring the second switch in?
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Welcome to the forums.

I believe since you have four 12-2 cables there.... the box is already overfilled. Installing a two gang box will alleviate the crowding.

You must take a picture and or ID all the cables. You need to know all the connections before you open the splices.

You should find all 4 white wires connected together.
You should find three black wires connected together and then to the switch.
You should find a single black wire on one side of the switch. It is this single black wire that is important. It's the line to the fan. The other three are all connected together.
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Thanks for the quick response...

Yes that is correct. All white wire are to each other as well as the ground wires. But there is a pigtail/jumper coming off of the ground to go to the switch. Three black wires are together with a jumper coming off and a single black is coming from the fan. I guess my question in short would be do I just run another jumper from the ground and hot in order to get two jumpers for both switches? Then wire everything the same as the fan for the lights? Also don't know if it is important but the circuit is on a 20amp breaker and the switches are 15amp. Thanks for the help just want to make sure I am doing this correctly.

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