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Question Best Lighting for Garage

I have a 26x28 garage, and have 4 8' fixtures, each fixture having 2 bulbs. The bulbs that are in there are from 2004 and are Philips F96T12/CW/CE 60-watt. Only 1 bulb has burnt out and that was last week a few days after my father wiped a spot on it with his finger. On the ballast, it says the minimum start temp for those bulbs is 60 degrees, which makes sense considering they're awful in the winter.

We bought some recessed cans last year and just put 6 of them up (covering the area of 2 fluorescent fixtures), and put in 5000K 1320-lumen BR40 bulbs. I thought this would be a sure bet at great light, but it's not as bright and full as the old tubes.

I've been looking online and it seems no one puts cans in their garage and the only way to get nice bright light is to use some type of tube, whether it be fluorescent or LED. I'd do LED, but their lumen ratings are not higher than fluorescent, and they're really expensive.

So I'm thinking to just get some new fluorescent bulbs and see if they're better than the old ones, or maybe add 4 more fixtures. I'm just looking for some opinions / suggestions.

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As you found out.... the garage is not the place for recessed fixtures.

You can replace the ballasts in those fixtures to low temperature type.
I have a lot of the F96T12 fixtures in use in many places. The tubes last a long time especially if you aren't constantly turning them on and off.

They also make different color tubes. You can get daylight for dazzling light. Cool white is more general purpose. You can also put one of each in each fixture for a well balanced light.

They do make 8' LED tubes but I haven't seen them in use yet.
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I have 5 sets of 2 bulb 8" florescent 85 watt bulbs in my 45 x 22 4-car garage and that provides pretty good light.

I've switched over every other fixture to LED and the improvement in light quality is amazing!!!!

The 8' bulbs are not cheap like the 4' bulbs so I'm biding my time waiting for these to die and will change over fixture at a time.

If you are putting up new I would never put up anything but LED.

It will be the last bulb you every have to install.
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OK. I'll check out one of the following.



Should be decent?
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I am in the process of converting my shop & warehouse over to LED. Previously it had 8' fluorescent fixtures. I'm simply replacing the bulbs with LED versions. The bulbs are direct wires so in the fixture I'm disconnecting the ballast and feeding 120VAC directly to the bulbs. The LED bulbs are slightly brighter than the fluorescents they are replacing. I am using the Hyperikon 5000k Crystal White Glow bulbs. They cost about $26 each and disconnecting the ballast is a bit easier than completely replacing the fixtures.
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Couple three years ago I put 16 Hyperikon 5000k four footers in my garage and they are wonderful.

Nice and bright but the main reason was I can go out when it's below zero, hit the switch and instant daylight.
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I just replaced 2 of the 8' fluorescent fixtures with the LED2 from my previous post... wow amazingly bright, going to do the other 2 soon. What a fool I was for putting up cans!

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