Retrofitting track lighting holders, colored LEDs and barn doors


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Retrofitting track lighting holders, colored LEDs and barn doors

Hello all. First post.

Summary: We want to replace our current track light holders with those that support color changing LED bulbs and also have barn doors on those same track light holders.


We have some legacy GU10 based track lighting (guessing Home Depot, markings on current holders are nondescript). H Type track.

We'd like to replace the generic GU10 LED bulbs with the color changing variety, like this: . Somewhat like Philips Hue.

However, we want to aim the light a bit better, so we're looking for GU10 track holders with barn doors, like this: Barn Door Shutters (it can look different, we just need to be able to focus the beam a bit better)

However, I seem to be striking out. Are there other light holders I can use on an H Track, such as MR16s? Color changing LEDs can also be found in MR16 types. PARs have also been recommended, but if we can retain the existing track, that would be great.

I'm trying to find a single 1 stop shop to confirm everything works together, but thus far no dice.

Any insight?

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