Bathroom Light/Fan combo switch replacement

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Bathroom Light/Fan combo switch replacement

I have a switch in one of my bathrooms that broke. The switch is a combination switch for the light/fan combo. One switch controls the light portion and the other switch controls the fan portion.

I went to get a new replacement switch and the guy at the hardware store showed me the replacement switch I would need and told me that all I had to do was wire up the new switch exactly how it is wired up on the old broken switch. When I got the new switch home and out of the box I realized that the switches don't look exactly the same like the guy at the store told me they would. I guess in hind sight I should have brought the old switch with me.

Anyway, I've attached some pictures (PICTURE 1 and PICTURE 2) of the old switch and how it was wired up before I took it out.

I've also attached pictures (PICTURE 3 and PICTURE 4) of the old switch and the new switch side by side to show the difference in connection posts. The new switch has three connection posts on one side where the old switch only had two so I'm not sure how to wire them up.

I have two questions....

1) Will the new switch that I just bought work or will I have to bring it back and get a different switch?

2) If it will work how should I wire it up?

I've numbered the connection posts so I can be clear on which wire goes to which connection post. Any advise that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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It looks like you have the wrong switch (probably a 3-way) , here's a link to a single pole:
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I believe the bottom switch in your photo is a 3-way and the top is a single pole, so you got the incorrect switch. You can make it work though if you don't want to bother with returning it. You'll want to determine which position on the 3-way switch corresponds to "ON" for the single pole switch so that both switches are in the same position when they are on/off, then use that screw. The other screw will be unused. Or you could just take the switch back and get the correct one, and give the guy that helped you the evil eye

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