Issues during kitchen reno

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Question Issues during kitchen reno

I own a house built in 1969, and am currently renovating. For some reason, every three-way switch in the house had to be completely re-wired whenever I performed switch replacement. I even had to determine which leads were live, etc. Now I'm doing the kitchen three way switch, and also adding a switch to some newly installed cam lights. I have since un-wired the cam-switch lights because of the indications I was receiving, but still need assistance finding a way forward on the three way switch.

What I did:
Box 1: (had a hot wire WHITE/BLACK/GND and a Traveler wire WHITE/RED/BLACK/GND) connected hot lead to "common" terminal, Connected traveler leads (red, black) to other terminals. Connected both white leads to each other in the junction box. Connected GND to switch GND.

Box 2: Only had a traveler wire (which i assume there is a junction box in the attic then?) WHITE/RED/BLACK. In this instance the hot lead for some reason was the white lead (PROBLEM #1). Regardless, I connected it to the common lead and the traveler wires (red/black) to the other two terminals.

The light would work as long as switch #2 was in the on position.

Once I connected the cam lights (Jumper from hot lead coming from attic to hot side of switch, and common to the bundles terminal) I got very weird indications, where one set of lights being on would cause the other set to be off. I suspect that my common line does not have a clear path back home.

Additionally,w hen I was trying to look into where the red wire went I took down my kitchen light fixture (picture attached) One problem that was glaring at me was the fact that a white wire was bundled with some blacks. I do not know what each of the wires in there is to, I was rather surprised to see that number of wires in a simple kitchen fixture junction box.
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I added white for the neutral in your diagram. Green is only used for ground.
If your wiring is as you've shown.... the two wire cable at switch one is not a hot cable. Based on what I see you have a dead end three way switch loop.

In that two wire cable..... the white wire connects to your black splice at the light box. It brings hot to the switches. You're sending hot.... via the white wire to the second switch.... where it should be connected to the common screw. The travelers are switching hot which appears at the common terminal on switch one. That common black wire should be the one your fixture is connected to.

Your four cables at the light are.....
1) power in
2) power out
3) power out
4) switch loop line

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