Turning lights on


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Turning lights on

This should be a fun one to figure out and solve. I have several lighting fixtures which I am told our ran to the back of my building. The landlord has shown me an area where three wires come out and he thinks this is where the lighting timer was located. I I am not certain myself so I am asking for any help to figure this one out. In my breaker box there were the other end of those three wires where the white was connected to a terminal and black and red were disconnected. Then there is a piece of Romex that is disconnected as well the black wire. We don't know where that one goes either. So how can I determine which wire should be connected and to where they should go so I can see if this actually is the wiring for the lights? I will put a switch there for now and then wire up some kind of sensor a little later. Below is the link to a Dropbox with my photos.

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Photo link is dead, probably private if you can see it. How to insert photos: https://www.doityourself.com/forum/e...-pictures.html
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LINK ---> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qrbtywa6e...1l8M7Qxha?dl=0
It is impossible to add a photo from a mobile device.

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The board cannot accept gigantic pictures. Your pictures were massive.
I downloaded them, resized them and cropped them for the best fit.

You're doing work for the landlord ? Are you a licensed electrician ?
That's a requirement in many rental properties.

You're going to need a tone tracer (fox and hound) to identify the wiring otherwise it's nothing but a guess.
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Building is as-is so i gotta figure it out. Ive worked electrical just nothing that required this much thought. Lets say i have a sniffer ... what next?

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