New ceiling fan help


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New ceiling fan help

Probably a very basic question but a DIYer is stumped.

I had an outlet controlled by a switch and no overhead lighting in my daughters room. I disconnected the orange wire and pigtailed in he black. Now itís alwsys hot.

I hung the the ceiling fan in an old work box with the screw out joist hanger type. Wired up the fan at the box and crammed 10-12 feet of Romex into attic. So have a black, white and bare wire. Pulled out the light switch getting ready to fish down Romex. No white wire connection. Only 2 brass screw connections and a green ground.

Guessing the black connected to series of outlets is hot in from outlet series and other brass screw hot out to fan/light. Where does white coming from can fit in?
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do i pigtail orange to white in outlet box and wire to white from fan/light?
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Hi, where is this Orange wire ? it sounds like you have a switch leg with no neutral, at the switch box you fished the cable from the fan ,correct? How many conductors in that box ? Post some pics so we can see what you have.
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Welcome to the forums.

Since you have a switch loop from the receptacle to the switch...... you need to connect the white wire to the white wire on the neutral/silver side of the receptacle. You'll need to connect the black wire to the same place the receptacle is currently getting power.
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So the orange, was the switch loop. I connected orang in receptacle to white. And in switch boxy to white from fan. Black from fan to switch and bare to ground on switch. All works. No smoke or tripped breakers.

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