Ceiling fan installation problems (fun!)


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Ceiling fan installation problems (fun!)

Background. The room I'm working on has a light switch installed and currently it's wired to an outlet. The switch has 14/2 cable going to it (a pair of black and white and a ground wire). It looks like the White wire is the line wire and the black wire is the load wire?
I'm trying to install a ceiling fan in the room (there was nothing in there so I had to run a wire from the switch to the ceiling. That was a delightful 2 hours of crawling up in the 600 degree heat ). I finally got that done (ran 14/2 wire up there. Was too lazy to run to the store to get 14/3). I'm having trouble figuring out the wiring. Here's what I was thinking

1) Take the two wires that are currently in the switch and wire nut them together (thereby making that outlet live?)
2) Take a small piece of wire and connect it to the bundled wires from the outlet. The other end will go to the switch.
3) The 14/2 coming from the ceiling will also connect to the switch? (this is where I'm getting lost)

I guess the issue is I'm thinking I need a neutral which I don't think I have. Any help would be appreciated!
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Ok. You currently have a two wire cable from the receptacle to the switch. That's called a switch loop and you are correct.... there is no neutral at the switch. You need to go to the switched receptacle and reconnect that two wire cable so that you are sending hot and neutral to the switch.

That may require a replacement receptacle if it's currently half switched. If you want.... you could pull the receptacle out of the wall.... leaving the wires connected.... and post a picture or two of it for us.
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I did this same thing in all four bedrooms in my house many years ago. I don't remember using 3 conductor wire. And I can't seem to remember having any trouble figuring out the wiring. I know I'm not contributing to help you other than knowing it can be done and it's not hard.
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14-3 from the switch to the fan would only be needed if you are installing two switches for the fan.

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