Power to light goes out


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Power to light goes out

Brand new flush mount led fixture. Light has worked for 15 years, now all of a sudden, the power to the light fixture box goes out after 5 minutes. If I leave the switch on, it will not restore power. It's the power to the light fixture, not the light, not the switch, both are brand new. What would cause the power to light fixture to go out, and then be restored after turning it off for 10-15 minutes. Bad wires? I checked all the wire nuts.

There's two ceiling lights, both controlled by the one switch, yet, one is not affected, just one has the power loss to the fixture. I give up.
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There is likely a loose connection in the ceiling box or the switch box, I suspect on the neutral wire. When the power "fails" check with a meter between hot and neutral (normally between black and white) and see if you have 120 volts. You should have 120 volts at the ceiling box and the switch box.

If you do not have a meter, a cheap analog multi-meter will do every you need and is only about $10-$15.
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How have you confirmed that it is the power that is going out? Are you using a multi meter to test the wires?

I would check the connections at the light fixture. Maybe the heat of the light is causing an open condition.
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What kind of bulbs are you using? LED's (the cheap ones) if used in an enclosed fixture can and will shut down or go on and off. I in fact have one as we speak that does just that.
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Hi, is this a new LED fixture just installed? sounds more like a thermal problem, you say it resets after 10-15 minutes, thermal switch has time to cool and resets.

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