Power to ceiling fan went out but breaker did not trip.

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Power to ceiling fan went out but breaker did not trip.

I hope this forum can help. I ran into an issue with two ceiling fans. One in the dining room and the other in the living room. I had loss power to the fans. After some investigation I found the problem and was able to restore power to the ceiling fans. But before I had started my investigation. I had disconnected the wiring set up at the fan and switch. With a volt meter I found which wire was providing power. Then I started to wire the fans again the way it was before. I started with the living room and got the light and fan working again. Started to work on the dining room. I found the wire providing power and wired together what I thought was the wire to the switch. When I flipped the switch to provide power to the fans again the dining room didn't turn on, the living room turned off, and now the kitchen light turned off.

My first thought was I connected the power and neutral wires together and caused a short. So I went to the breaker and the breaker was fine. No trip. I even turned on and off all the breakers and nothing. I checked all the GFCI outlets that I can find and tested them and nothing.

So my questions are did I cause any major issue when I connected the power and neutral together? What other things can I check to see what the issue is now?
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If you created a short when re-doing the wiring....... and the breaker did not trip...... you've caused a connection or splice to open. You will need to go thru and check other devices on that circuit. The problem is going to be at the last working device or the first dead one.

You will need to check devices for back stabbed connections which should be removed. You may also have an open neutral splice. If you don't have measured power at your switch...... then you've lost a hot/black connection.
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Need further info about original post. What problem did you fix originally that reconnected power to both fans? You state a switch and fan? Does each fan have it's own switch as part of the fan assembly or is it a wall switch? Assuming the light is part of the fan assembly, how is the light controlled?

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