8' Florescent - 1 bulb comes on other won't


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8' Florescent - 1 bulb comes on other won't

Ok, here is my problem.

I have 3 florescent lights in my garage. Each has 2 8' bulbs. 2 of them had a burnt out bulb so I just installed all 6 new bulbs. Now the issue.

2 of the 3 fixtures will only light 1 bulb.

What would you suggest I check first, secord or third?

I have a meter if needed and I did industrial maintenance troubleshooting for 30yrs in a factory. I did not work on flourescent fixtures though. Just noting this work history to let you know that I have some experience. Probably just enough to get myself in trouble.

Thanks for any help.
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Added note that bulbs are the type with single pin connectorone the ends
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More info is this

fixture has MagneTek 806-SLH-Tc-P ballast
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What would you suggest I check first, second or third?

Id check out LED conversion, dont waste another dime with those old tech florescent bulbs and ballast, just convert them and never worry about them again!

You will not be disappointed!
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I agree with Marq. Yup, understand having just spent money on new bulbs, but no sense compounding it by spending more on ballasts. Depending on how much light you need and how they're configured you might be better off to go with new fixtures. The something like 4'x4' ones are getting very common and quite affordable. Or you can convert your existing fixtures, but you'll need new tombstones (sockets), and will want to use LED bulbs with drivers so that you can eliminate the need for ballasts altogether. There are kits that have everything you'll need as far as tombstones, but the bulbs will be separate. The conversions are real easy, and regardless of which way you go you'll have better quality light and will most likely never touch them again. New technology? Yes, but, just so you don't think it's a young guy thing, I've been in the workforce close to 50 years, so am used to fluorescents just like you, but I'm convinced that the LED's are the way to go.
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Those are the old style service type ballasts. The problem with the new tubes is that they have less mercury then in the past. Usually if you let them run for a half hour or so..... they'll start working as the mercury ionizes.
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I agree that converting to LED is the way to go.

As for
you'll need new tombstones (sockets)
, there are LED replacements that use single pin configuration for no-ballast conversions. You just connect line voltage to one end and neutral to the other.

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