Is there a dual brite LED flood light?


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Is there a dual brite LED flood light?

I am going to replace my outdoor motion sensor flood light. I would like to use a dual brite one. Do they make one that uses LED bulbs?
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DualBrite is a patented Heath/Zenith technology that provides energy saving two-level lighting operating at half power until motion is detected and full power lighting when motion is detected.

You may want to contact the MFG and ask if LED's will work in their fixtures.
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I have been looking at LED floodlights recently for two different applications. I have seen solar powered lights that provide a low level dusk-to-dawn and brighter light when triggered by a motion detector. I don't recall but I may have also seen some that operate that way on 120 volts. Do a search on line and specifically on
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My front porch lights have the two levels based upon motion and dusk to dawn, but were a real pain to find a bulb that would work. In fact My original fixtures were supposed to give me that function and did so with incandescents, but not the LED. So I installed new fixtures that SAID they were compatible with LED, they lied, well almost. What is there now gives me motion detection, but haven't paid attention to the dual levels.

As for floods, I use two 60w equivalent in 5000K (bulbs and not floods) instead of actual floods and they work fine for me.

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I think the problem with LED's vs incandescent is that LED's are either on or off as opposed to the incandescent which can be fed lower voltage and therefore lower burning of the filament. However, LED's do have a threshold that can be fed a lower voltage without a bridge rectifier and be less bright than rated. But that voltage threshold may not be able to be controlled in an ordinary bulb socket. I'm just picking up this info from bits and pieces from many sources. Not sure how correct I am.
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Most LED bulbs have a power supply in them that won't run on reduced voltage.

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