Question about LED Recessed lights and switch changes


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Question about LED Recessed lights and switch changes

We just bought a home and I was setting up the area where the basement bar is. One thing we missed during inspection is that all four outlets in the room are tied to one switch, as are the 4 LED recessed lights. So if I turn the switch off, the kegorator and fridge will turn off too. My thought was to try and replace those LED lights with Philips HUE that I can shut off on my phone. However, I'm not 100% sure if that will work. When I tried to pull the lights down, they don't come out all the looks like they are spring loaded and I didn't want to mess around with them too much . There is crawlspace right above that area and I'm thinking the seller may have installed there.

Anyway, any tips on the best way to get these down? Would it be easier to switch the outlets to a different switch? Regardless I would probably need to find an easy way to change these bulbs in time. Any help is appreciated!
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Not an electrician but..

You might find that if you look into the electrical box behind the switch, there might be 2 cables - one leading to the lights and one leading to the outlets. It could be as simple as separating them there but I will leave the details to the guys who really know their stuff.

- Peter
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Re-route switch from outlets?


I have a question. I just bought a home and I have a room with four outlets and 1 light switch for recessed lights. The switch shuts off all 4 outlets. How easy would it be to rout some (or all) of the outlets to a different switch? Is there a good method to follow or is it best left to a pro?
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You will need a lot of brainstorming and a tone generating circuit tracer might also come in handy. There is no set method that you can open a textbook to and follow step by step. Note that that alternate routings of additional needed wiring can be easier or more difficult and that cannot be seen just by looking at the walls..
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Welcome to the forums.

Two similar threads combined to eliminate cross confusion.

The best way to approach this is to turn the circuit off. Pull out each receptacle and the switch (without disconnecting wires) and either describe what you see at each location or post a picture of each location.

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