4’ LED tubes

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4’ LED tubes

Hi All, I am looking for input as to any experience you have had as to quality ,price,vendor etc. for 4’ LED tubes, I am planning to use the ballast bypass type.
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I just converted all my 8' garage light s to LED and for the first time have light in the winter.

They are SUPER bright and as mush as I used to think the HO florescent bulbs were great these just blow them away.

Forget the ballast type, that's the benefit of getting LED's and will save even more energy in the long run.

I was so impressed with the 8 footers I added some additional 4' above the garage doors so now my garage can be seen for miles at night!
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The two brands we have been using in our commercial customers buildings is Phillips and Keystone. We have had some issues with the Phillips, but that was an isolated batch of lamps.

The main advantage to look for is that the new lamps are ballast bypass, as you mentioned, and have a feed on each end. That means that they will use shunted and non-shunted sockets, no socket replacement needed. It also makes wiring them quite easy.

We mostly get our material from an electrical supplier. Price is about $8-$10 per lamp last time I asked the boss.

Marq1: Did you use 8' lamps?
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I usually do an on-line search to find the best prices.

In November 2017 I purchased 8 foot Hyperikon tubes ($29.95) and 4 foot Hy-Lite tubes ($11.95) from BallastShop.com.

I have also purchased 4 footers from 1000Bulbs.com.

Recently when searching for 8 foot tubes I came across a conversion kit ($29.99) to 4 footers from GreenLEDZone.com that included sockets, mounting plates and 4 foot tubes for less cost than two 8 foot tubes. Their 4 foot tubes are in the $6-to-$9 dollar range.

I used direct wire tubes and eliminate the ballasts.

So far all are working fine.
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Marq1: Did you use 8' lamps?
Yep, 8. "V" shape 6500 K, R19 sockets, they were direct wire. They were around $25 each!

Several florescent tubes were going bad so it was a good time to re-purpose all of them!

Now just have to see how long they last, the florescent tubes were lasting about 5 years avg!

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