I removed a switch and I forgot to take a pic.. now I have this....

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I removed a switch and I forgot to take a pic.. now I have this....


There are meant to be 2 switches in this box, one is still connected properly and functioning. The other is supposed to go to outdoor lights, unfortunately i removed it a while back and have no idea how to rewire it on a new switch.

I tried connecting the HOT WIRE A to one part of a standard 2 connector switch and WIRE B to the other part of the switch. Then I connected WIRE C to the cluster of neutrals. Fired on the breaker turned the switch on, went outside with a power tester tool (beeps when it detects current placed it on the other side of the romex where the load is ...and.... NO JOY!!!

I have no idea what im doing clearly but i thought i had connected it right..is it possible that 2 romex go bad or am I doing something wrong.

Please advise.


*UPDATE* - the picture was shrunken so it makes it difficult to see what I meant..

purple wire on the left = WIRE A
two most right wires = WIRE B black (part of 1 romex)
WIRE C white (part of the same romex)
orange nut in middle = cluster of neutral i think
yellow nut on the left = cluster of hot i think
hanging switch = working

recap WIRE A B C are not connected to anything at the moment

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Non contact beeper testers are not good for troubleshooting. They are only good for a quick test to see if there is any hot wires in a box. For real testing you need a meter which is only about $15 at stores for a analog one.

Likely the left purple wire is the switch leg going to the lights. The two blacks that are nutted with the other switch is likely the hot. The whites will be your neutrals.

IF you have a tester you should get 120 volts between the hots and neutral and no voltage between the purple and neutral. Post back if this is not correct.

Or, if you feel lucky you can connect the purple to the black hots as see if the lights turn on. The risk is if you have more then one circuit in the box you could blow some stuff up.
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I agree with Tolyn..... the left hand yellow wire nut on the black wires is the hot and the single capped purple wire is the load. Those should be were the switch or dimmer connect.

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