What kind of lamps (Bulbs) are these, and where can I buy them?

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Exclamation What kind of lamps (Bulbs) are these, and where can I buy them?

Yesterday my Aunt gave me a Rite Lite Low Voltage Electric Menorah and unfortunately it is missing two lamps of the nine lamps (bulbs).

All of the ones I have work but I would love to buy a new set (I need nine of them) so they would all look the same and be of the same brightness.

I would love to find LED replacements for these if at all possible.

The Menorah is powered by a 6VDC @ 500MA wall power supply (Wall-Wort).
I had the 7 I had screwed in and I measured 5.45VDC at one of the empty sockets

I am attaching some pictures

Picture 1 is the whole Menorah
Picture 2 is the sockets
Picture 3 is the lamps It is the small lamps I need to find the red E10 LED and the AA battery are for a scale to show just how small these lamps are.

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Using a magnifying glass look at the side of the metal base of the bulb for an ID. They look like a typical flashlight bulb. Most drug stores or home improvement store should carry them. But they won't be LED.
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Hi, be aware of the LED replacements, I have tried the replace mini lamps on a model railroad layout and the lamp life is terrible.
Just saying!
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All I had to do was type "e10 led" into my search engine and many sources appeared. Once you look at your other bulb and read the number finding those will be just as easy. I am guessing it is a #46.
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Also called "miniature screw base."

But you cannot just go out and buy a "4 cell flashlight" replacement lamp. The power supply delivers one half ampere and most incandescent flashlight bulbs that fit in the sockets draw too much current, like 1/3 to 2/3 amps. Having all nine on at the same time will cause an overload.

Shop around until you can find LED lamps or the exact kind that came with the menorah (not just the same shape of glass bulb).

Regarding the LEDs that burned out on on the model railroad, some transformers and power packs used do not have that good voltage regulation. A nominal 12 volt power pack might put out 18 volts to the accessory (constant voltage) terminals when the train is stopped and not drawing power.

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There is no marking at all on the lamps I have.

A friend said they are E5 base lamps.

So I found This and This

I looked for LED ones but most of them require more then 6VDC

I think the #378 (or should I get the #342 lamps?) lamps would do the job and would last a really long time being under driven and the fact that this is only used 8 days a year
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#378 Miniature Bulb Midget Screw Base - 6.3 Volt 0.2 Amp 1.26 Watt T1-3/4 Midget Screw (E5) Base,
C-2F Filament Design, 20,000 Average Rated Hours

#342 Miniature Bulb Midget Screw Base - 6 Volt 0.04 Amp 0.24 Watt T1-3/4Midget Screw (E5) Base,
C-2V Filament Design, 10,000 Average Rated Hour.

The #378's will draw too much power and be very bright.
The #342 would be the better choice.
An incandescent bulb would look much better than an LED bulb in that application.

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