Dimmable LED not Dimming in Ceiling Fan

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Question Dimmable LED not Dimming in Ceiling Fan

Hello everyone, and thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this thread! Below is background information about my old and new fan.

In my living room, the fan that I recently took down was a HAMPTON BAY Carrison 499 461 (This thing hung so low anyone reasonably tall would smash their faces into it). This fan was capable of 3 different fan speeds, and had dimmable lights (one button for on/off/dim). Initially the old fan had 4 incandescent bulbs installed, but were replaced with dimmable 5.5W LEDs. The switch was painless aside from a very unsubstantial flicker with the LEDs when dimmed (Model: 9290018422 Philips 5.5W Soft White Dimmable Clear A15 Intermediate Base LED bulbs). The receiver that was installed in the old fan was a UC7067RC (see image) while the new receiver was a UC7067RYK (see image). Both receivers have the same dimensions, and very similar specs. The main differences between the two are that the new white one specifically states it is a non-dimmer and also says 1.5A while the old black receiver states 1A. My plan was to switch out the receivers so that the flush mounted new fan would be dimmable when 2xdimmable LEDs were installed. However, after hooking everything up, the fan spins perfectly (using old remote + old receiver), but the new LEDs only turn 100% on or off. If I hold the light button as if to dim the lights, the LEDs will turn on, turn off, then turn on in a pulsing fashion (not fast like a flickering, but takes a second or two, but I can't pause in between to achieve dimming), repeating for as long as I hold the button. Since this same receiver worked with the old fan/receiver with LEDs, I was surprised this functionality was lost, but I am no expert in electronics and plenty of things will baffle me. I understand that this dimmer is meant for incandescent bulbs, and LED internal electronics don't always play well with such dimmers, and the issue may very well be due to my specific choice in LEDs this time around. I do value the dimming function over energy efficiency however, so if I need to go back to incandescent bulbs I will. So here is the summary and my questions:

  • I am switching out an old dimmable fan (initially incandescent but later upgraded to dimmable LED) with a new fan that has a similar non-dimmable receiver (shipped with CFL lights)
  • I replaced the new receiver with the old dimmable receiver hoping to add the dimmable feature to the new fan when dimmable LEDs were installed
  • Once everything was hooked up and power restored, the fan operates and spins at all 3 settings, but the LEDs only turn 100% on or 100% off with no inbetween

  1. Will the reduction in the amperage on the receiver damage the fan motor?
  2. Is it as simple as switching out the receivers/remote, or am I potentially causing a hazardous setup?
  3. Is there any other electronics inside the fan that would influence whether or not it could be dimmed aside from having a dimmable receiver (this fan is originally meant for non-dimmable CFL)?
  4. Is the bulb wattage based on the ceiling fan itself, or based on the receiver that is installed?
  5. Am I simply messing up the required wattage with the new LEDs in order for them to work properly?
  6. Is there a way for me to use LED, or should I go back to incandescent to see if that works properly?
Again, I want to thank everyone who was willing to read this. Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

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Those are dimmers designed for incandescent bulbs which is why it says that on them.
What it doesn't say on them is 40watt min - 300watt maximum.

Most won't dim LED bulbs and many dimmers will fail when LED bulbs are used.

I don't see a problem swapping the receivers. Both motors are under 1A.
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Thank you very much for the input PJmax! It is good to know that it likely is just the dimmer playing poorly with the LEDs. I will likely return this fan for one that is already LED ready and dimmable to avoid any more headache. I just really liked the look of this one (oh well). Thanks again for your response!

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