Flashlight recommendation


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Flashlight recommendation

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm looking for specific recommendations on flashlights. I'm looking for the best bank for the buck in terms of an LED flashlight. I've tried some of the 900 lumen or so ones on Amazon for around $20, and they are ok, but they don't wow me.

What lumen/cost should I be looking for, that's going to be really, really bright? I don't need some crazy expensive/bright light, but something more than the $20 ones which are decent but not 'wow'.

Thank you!
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There are entire forums that talk about nothing but flashlights. You might get better results checking one of them.

I've always been impressed with my Olight's. I've had them side by side with off brand and no-name lights claiming to have higher output and the Olight's were brighter. For my hunting lights I use lights powered by 18650's but for around home use or something to leave in the car I prefer CR123 powered lights.
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Ok thanks. I'll keep researching and try to check out some other forums.
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Flashlights are one item that is completely subjective. Everyone has a favorite.
Battery life
Bang for the buck

Maglite and Streamlight are two top shelf commercial companies. These guys supply the public services pros. Their flashlights cost a bit more but are better built. I have several rechargeable Maglites that are still going strong.
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And I'm gonna be the odd man out I know it...lol. I have a bunch of smaller ones I picked up on sale/clearance or free. They all use alkaline batteries, either 3 AA/AAA snapped into a cartridge type thing, or else they use single/double AA inline.
Avg is around 220-250 lumens (though I think I have one that's 300?) They all last about 4 hrs before I the light dims enough to notice...and even then I have to compare to one with new batteries to be sure it's not just me.

Why alkaline? Because you can find them anywhere at a decent price, they're easy to replace and they last long enough for my needs. Why the brands I get? Because I've never had a single one fail whether dropped, run over, or immersed. They all have O-ring seals (some have 2), most have a push/pull or fixed focus, some have a strong hat clip which is convenient as heck. The SOS or flashing mode on some are the ones I keep in the car along with a spare set of batteries. Oh, and the most expensive ones cost $21 ( minus a 10% discount at HD).

Multiple run modes is fine...DEPENDING on use. Most of the time I want max bright, no cycling through 3,4, 6 other modes to get there. I don't need an area work light feature...I have a work light or two for that. I found quickly, I don't need or use a magnetic base either...not for my carry around in my pocket or use all the time models anyway....I have some that have it and it's more of a pain than useful.

Test the on/off button...with and w/o gloves. PITA to have to take a glove off when its cold/wet to operate a flashlight.

Btw...I have Coast (check them out...you'd be surprised), Ozark Trail (yep..WM house brand), Husky (for a couple of rarely used in a clip in the closet C-cells), 1 Streamlight I've had for years. As well as a few of the paddle type cordless work lights.

You can buy a 3 pack of lights with batteries for $15 that are more than adequate for looking under the hood at night, or using to change a tire or to look under the seat for your keys. Why spend $50 on something like that?

Want more light? Go get a rechargeable 1000/1500/2000 lumen spotlight with an AC and DC adapter. Now you can take down small planes at night!

More expensive rugged lights using rechargeable or high output batteries have their place...but it all depends on use and availability of replacements when needed. Weapons lights are a whole 'nother story entirely....

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