Ceiling fan installation/support

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Ceiling fan installation/support

Hi all - Brand new homeowner here with very limited knowledge (I'm trying to learn!) so please excuse the dumb questions and probable misuse of terminology. I've run into an issue while installing ceiling fans in a new home and I feel I'm getting conflicting information from the builder than I have seen on here and just want to be sure before I possibly install a death trap in my ceiling.

I have installed a few ceiling fans already in the bedrooms and all has gone very easy. They all have the recessed fan box, simply remove the screws that are there and mount the fan bracket.

The issue I've run into is in both the loft and the family room downstairs. Neither of the holes have a recessed fan box, what I believe is just a plastic junction box? is right on top of the ceiling stucco. What I thought I've read on here is that I'd have to take that out and put in one of those braces with a fan box, but thinking a new home shouldn't require that much work (I know, I'm sorry), I reached out to the builder.

They said no need to put in a brace and to just mount the fan directly to the joist. Which I can't currently see but I assume a stud finder and two seconds will get the job done. Anywho, they sent me the attached picture.

A couple of questions from a total layman:
1) Is that white box with the two circles just a junction box? And if so does it need to stay there. It doesn't look as though the wire go through it, just down the side. The video's I've seen for inserting a brace show just knocking that thing out.

2) The screws seem to be in a weird place if screwed directly into a joist. Is it possible that there are two that close together on either side of that box in the middle of the room? It looks like they're screwed into stucco.

3) Is there something else I'm missing? Or am I overthinking?

Apologies again for something this basic, that has been asked about many times on here. Thanks!!
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Welcome to the forums.

Each fan installation is its own unique situation. Always best to ask questions for clarification.
More and more houses are being built with all fan boxes installed from the start and to that end there are dozens of different style fan rated boxes available.

The box in your picture is a side/saddle box. It sits alongside a joist. It has two long lag bolts that screw thru the fan bracket, the box and then into the joist. That's a very strong mounting system. The link is that type of box with larger views.

Fan saddle box

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