2 white wires hooked up to light fixture


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2 white wires hooked up to light fixture

I'm trying to install a new bathroom vanity light. After I removed the old bathroom light fixture above the dual sinks, I noticed it was wired into 2 white wires instead of the usual 1 black, 1 white, 1 ground. Every fixture I've replaced in the house was the usual black, white, ground, except this one. The fuse to the bathroom shuts off everything attached to this wire it seems.

Looks like 2 sets of complete wires, with the black wires from each set twisted together and capped, and the 2 whites running to the fixture and capped separately, with the ground not even connected...and no, there wasn't a mounting box or anything used, just some wires plopped behind the drywall. The fixture itself was just barely hanging on with a couple screws each end holding it in place. The fixture uses 2 corded wires, like you would see on any appliance, instead of the single wires I'm use to. So how do I go about wiring a new fixture to this?
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If the old light worked okay and you connect the new light fixture the same way then it will work. But it is technicallly incorrect wiring.
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You have a mis wired switch loop.
You have a bigger issue of no box to deal with.

Here is a proper wired switch loop. Note that black is connected to white. This confuses people who like to have colors matching.

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Correctly, the wire connected to the fixture hot terminal or hot wire lead must not be white.

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