Finding source of wire on non working receptacle

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Finding source of wire on non working receptacle

My father has an outlet that quit working. The outlet feeds a switch that goes to a light which also does not work. Everything else is the house is fine. I assume there would have to be something else on the circuit unless they made a circuit with just an outet - switch - light. How can I figure out where the "in" wire to the outlet is coming from?
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Hi, how many conductors are on the receptacle, have you checked to be sure there are no tripped circuit breakers ? check receptacles adjacent to the non working one for loose connections.
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Easiest way is with an AC voltmeter than can measure at least 120 volt. You measure between the hot wire (usually black) and neutral wire (usually white) of a cable. First thing is to insure the breaker for this circuit is closed. You should read 120 vac between the neutral bus and the wire connected to the breaker . Depending on the wiring, one cable attached to the outlet in question should be the source of 120 vac from the breaker. Unscrew the outlet and pull away from the box. Attach the 2 meter leads to the outlet, one meter lead on each screw on opposite sides of the outlet. If you don' read 120 vac on the meter, the problem is a faulty cable or there may be a connection point on this cable closer to the breaker. If there is a connection point, hopefully there is a load (outlet or light) that you can monitor as you operate the circuit breaker. With the breaker open, check all connections (screws. wire nuts, etc.) at the connection point for tightness. If no connection point, the cable from the breaker to non functioning outlet has to be replaced.

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