Electrical Charger Problem with LED light


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Electrical Charger Problem with LED light

Dear All,
I am facing a problem in our office as below:
When we connect laptop charger to the power socket, then mouse will not work, or when connect a mobile charger to the power socket will not work properly. We checked every thing it was ok. Only when we turn off the breaker of LED lights then problem will disappear! When we run light back again problem came, and voltage on line to neutral is 225 V, neutral to ground is 127 V !!

Any body have explanation what is going on here?

Moderator note...... member located in Saudi Arabia

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Try moving the breaker for the LED lights to the other hot side of the split phase input to the breaker panel. I am assuming power outlet for the computers is currently on same hot side as LED lights. Driver circuit in base of LED lamps have components with impedance that can create uncommon conditions based on the configuration of other loads in the breaker panel.
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It sounds like your power socket and the LED lights are on opposite phases of what is called a multiwire branch circuit. Both sides of the circuit share a common neutral wire. If this neutral wire gets disconnected in the breaker box or somewhere on the way to the loads it serves, then the voltage on the common neutral line is free to float around. Whichever side loads down the circuit more will cause the other side to get more voltage.
This can be a dangerous situation and can damage equipment. I suggest calling an electricIan if you are not comfortable tracking down where the break in the neutral connections or wiring is located.
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Welcome to the forums.

As this a predominantly North American based website it can be important for us to know you are from out of the country. You can put non US in your bio.

Not familiar with power in your area but it shows as 120v or 220v 60hz power. I'm not sure if you have one, the other or both where you are having the problem as it does make a difference.
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Pete, very good point about the poster's location with all the different systems around the world.
It looks like Saudi Arabia has a system with 220/127V three-phase, like a slightly boosted version of our 208/120V. Given that and the poster's observations, I think it's likely that there's a 3-wire circuit using two of the three phases and the neutral to serve single-phase loads. And the neutral is disconnected somewhere allowing it's voltage to shift away from ground and also increase or decrease the voltage across the loads, depending on which of the two phases they are connected to.
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Thanks for reply, actually i am in KSA, the voltage here is 380 v 3 phase, 220 v single phase with neutral. The socket where i am facing the problem have 220 v supply line and neutral. Once we turn off main LED breaker the problem goes. Note that the lighting is distributed on the thre phase wires.

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