Hunter fan "5 minute install" NOT!

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Hunter fan "5 minute install" NOT!

I have always felt that fans made by Hunter is a notch above the big box store labels such as Hampton Bay, Harbour Breeze etc...but recently I have had some disappointments with Hunter as well.

They have this fan called Waldon and claim to be a "5 minute" fan - super quick installation.

However the new fan has some real problems with it's design and execution. Lots of issues here and there but nothing too serious, things that you take a look at and say "Oh ok they did that and why would you do that and you realized why and it doesn't really solve the problem they tried to solve but actually made it harder).

The most serious issue is in order to save installation time, they did away with using screws to attach the fan blades. Instead each blade has three holes with rubber grommets, the other side has three small flared studs and you mate the two by pressing them together.

<img src="" width="324" height="576"/>

<img src="" width="324" height="576"/>

You are standing on a ladder, holding the blade and the tilted fan body and trying to press the studs into the blade holes. THIS is the "invention" that allows them to claim this being a 5 minute fan.

This is the worst idea ever. First, I had six grommets that were malformed. They do not have the nice hole in the middle but were instead "bunched up".

<img src="" width="324" height="576"/>

If you have a grommet that's not perfectly formed when you press on it, instead of the flared studs pushing through, you end up pushing the grommets out of the hole and dropped on the floor.

If the other two studs went through, you need a putty knife to pry the blade back off so you can try again. This result in the blade being scratches and you are trying to pry or pull a blade off a fan body that's not attached but moves around on a downrod sitting on a bracket. This makes it in reality a 15 minute per blade fan.

Now once you get the blade to seat right and the flared studs fully penetrated, you have this.

<img src="" width="324" height="576"/>

The issue is there is some degree of play in the blade. I can flex the blade and the attachments yielded a little, I can move it laterally a little. I am not sure this is right.

I called their tech support and they said no there is no play so they are sending me a new set of blades.

I turned the light on and off a few times to test, on third try the pull chain knob broke off. I wasn't even pulling hard.

I have lost confidence in these blades, these fans, and the manufacturer. I don't think I will be buying any Hunter fan in the future.

By the way, there is a card inside the box that says the manufacturer is someone else in China. I guess Hunter just put their owners manual and their colored box outside.
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Thanks for the post, Miami. I'll be watching for this kind of insanity next time I'm fan shopping. Maybe a little WD-40 on the grommets might have helped? Even so I wouldn't be nuts about that design. What's it take to assemble one with screws anyway, an extra 5 minutes?
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I assume Hunter is following the same path as many other well-known brands --- marketing an inexpensive Chinese-made product to keep it's market name in the discount and big box stores, and relying on it's past reputation and goodwill to sell these. If you're looking for a quality fan, you may want to look at a locally owned lighting store. I have a feeling that Hunter still markets a quality, domestically made product, but it won't be priced at $59.95 on sale!

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